How to Find, Train & Inspire Staff to Build a Dream Work Team

Solve Employee Challenges Permanently!     Without paying a recruitment consultant, 'motivation tactics' or paying high salaries.

The 3 Key Insights to Build a Self-managing, Integrated, Dream Team...

Attract the right employees

Knowing how to attract great employees is an essential skill to build an integrated team. It starts with ad writing insights to attract the 'cream of the crop'.

Select the best employees 

It's very costly to find out months later an employee needs replacing. Being able to identify the ideal candidate from the interview is valuable. 

Build an integrated Team

Team building requires a range of skills that when learnt can turn frustration and let downs with employees into having a harmonious, self-managing team.

Benefits of an Integrated Team

Less 'let downs' & frustrations from staff

Employees can cause a lot of stress but learning team building and people skills can significantly reduce that stress while increasing happiness.

Faster business growth, more referrals

Employees can make or break your business brand and reputation. Having a great team increases customer referrals, great business reviews and more customers.

More time for you and longer holidays

The top level of team building is where your employees are happy, productive and self managing, so they work hard without your supervision, even when you're not there.

The 5 Stage System of Building an Integrated Team

1. Connecting

Stronger connections leads to synergy of a team and regular team meetings initiate that.

2. Brainstorming

Introducing business challenges to team meetings generates ideas and actions towards them.

3. Improving

Employees' actions in their role can be improved and using questions in communication assists that

4. Metrics and KPIs

Bringing metrics of your business from sales and service into team meeting brings them to life.

5. Owning

As the numbers create feedback for employees, it helps them to take ownership of their actions.

1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 = Team Integration

All 5 stages when followed in order achieves team integration of productivity with harmony.

Testimonials From Previous Clients

For over two decades business clients have enjoyed having a highly productive, integrated team.

Paul Zdzitowiecki, Computer Cures Melbourne

"With your recruitment system we always find the right employees and then identify the candidate with the best attitudes whose heart and mine are aligned with my business."

Chris Hislop, Whitelight Electrical

"I met Tim when we had 8 people, now thanks to his systems and the course training we have 26 and growing. I can work a 3-day week and enjoy holidays to go surfing."

Richard Abel, AVD-CPA

"Tim's recruitment system will save anyone a lot of time and effort and will get them to get the right sort of people, very quickly."

David Hall, Metro Group

"We tried Tim's system a few times with very little success until we followed it to the 'T' and then we found it very successful."

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